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Panic and stress Horror stories and trick or treat blog

Knock knock

Trick or treat?

Are you looking to tell your friends a horror story about the work in your home or tell them about them about the sweet after taste you have from treating yourself?

Unfortunately, we all hear horror stories about how someone’s had a builder round that didn’t finish the work or took their money and ran off.  It might be Halloween, but there is no need to be scared.  Fortunately, just like when you were a child walking down the road trick or treating there are still people out there that have your back, will hold your hand if needed and guide you along the road protecting you from the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

We all prepare for Halloween in similar ways, either we take precautions to prevent getting tricked, or we hide behind the closed doors and curtains with the lights off to make it look like there is no one home. Whichever way you prepare for Halloween, we all know that we would rather give or receive a treat rather than have eggs thrown in our faces.

Having work carried out in your home doesn’t need to be a frightening experience.  It’s just like going trick or treating as a kid.

Here’s our trick or treating checklist – If your going trick or treating or taking your kids out you will be able to relate to these and they apply just as much to having work done in your home.

Have a plan on where you’re going to go.

Check with friends and family where the best places are to go and where you’ll get looked after and get the most treats

Kids at Halloween with Pumpkins
Horror stories and trick or treat blog

It’s safer to go out in a group or with a friend.

It’s safer having someone with you while your out at night exploring places you may not have been before.  In some cases you can even go out as a group.  Having someone or people to talk to along the way can help you make the right decision and not walk down a dangerous path.

Stay safe and trust your instinct.

If a house or a road looks or feels dangerous then don’t go there.  Halloween should be a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.  If you feel unsafe for any reason, call a friend for help or go straight home.

Scary road Horror stories and trick or treat blog
Scared Horror stories and trick or treat blog

Don’t eat too much and get sick.

Halloween and trick or treating are a bit “too good to be true” after all you get nothing in this world for free, but at this time of year, you get lots of sweets for nothing.  A few sweets here and there are ok, but if you get greedy and take more than you should get in reality, you might make yourself sick.

Finally the last pointer is one we remember very well from our school days

WATCH – LOOK – LISTEN – THINK before you cross that road.


Happy Halloween everyone

Ps. All we want as a treat is a nice cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two.

Family crossing the road

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