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The space you live in has a huge influence on the way you, your friends and family feel. This is why interior design tv shows and home décor blogs are so popular. So how can you use these resources to create and develop the ideal space within your own home?



Some times you might feel overwhelmed by all the clutter in your home, you might feel that there is never enough space for everything.  Decluttering your home from those things you don’t need can help with everyday stress and give you a sense of achievement. Along the way  you may even find some cherished items you’d forgotten about that have gathered dust but bring back some lovely memories.

“Think new house”

  • If you had to move tomorrow would you want to bring it with you?
  • When was the last time you used it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Do I love it?

Here is a great blog about how to deal with old tech and photos in the home.




Items of sentimental value that bring back great memories of adventures, achievements or friends and family no longer with you can be displayed around the home rather than hidden away in cabinets. They have had there turn in different locations of the home and become a talking point as you change the items through out the year.  It could be Grandad’s old watch or a broken old camera that took the first baby photo, they don’t always have to gather dust in the loft they can be a focal point for your home as well.




Now you’ve decluttered and organised areas of your home, you might want to replace old items with things you love, things that make you and home feel good. Avoid buying tat, remind yourself of the time you spent decluttering your home and ask yourself – Do I or my family really need this? Retail therapy is a great way to relax but try to invest in items that will help you enjoy your time in your home further.  If you have children it’s very easy to buy “TAT” for holidays like Halloween, Easter or Christmas but these things can often end up taking up space in your home and become clutter.




The “I’ll sort it later room” or “I’ve done the washing pile”

Piles are big lies to yourself, they always get bigger and even sometimes just get moved. If everything you own has a home, your house will look tidier and it will be easier to keep it that way.  Plus having a home for everything means you know where everything is – less time searching.


COLOUR – #MyPinksYourPurple


What is it about the rainbow that gives most people a sense of happiness? Sure, it signifies the calm after a storm, but the colours themselves have an effect on our minds. The colours we surround ourselves with in the home can influence our mood, they also reflect you as person or a family.  Our director Liam McGinley has a phrase “My Pink’s Your Purple” in other words what you like someone else may not.  Don’t be afraid to explore colour in your home and make it as comfortable and personal as you like.

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Professional organizer, Tracy Ross helping McGinley's Carpentry & Construction Ltd help clients to organize and declutter their homes

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