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There are so many options when it comes to extending or developing your home, how do you choose.


Your house is your castle, it protects you from the elements and provides security for you and your family.  Not only is it a place that provides you and your family with shelter but it is also an investment.  You have saved to secure it with a deposit and committed to years of payments to buy it.

One day you might move or pass it on to a loved one, so making any changes to your home not only affects you but also the next person that lives in it.

Do you extend? Do you convert the loft or garage? If you convert the garage will it devalue the house?

Making another financial investment into your home can have many benefits if it’s done correctly.  The important thing is to consider all your options when investing more money into your home, and most importantly making sure that this investment is done and carried out in the right way.

If you’re considering an extension to your house, converting the loft space or building an office at the end of the garden, we have the experience to advise you on the options available and manage the project to suit your needs and the finances available. We will assist you with the planning and make sure that your aware of all the paperwork, applications and procedures that need to be in place so that any work you have done is completed and certificated as it should be.

Single storey extension
Structural knock through
Knock Through
Driveways and patios laid
Loft conversions designed and carried out
Loft Conversions
Garage conversions carried out
Garage Conversions

Planning, Applications & Control


You’re looking to have that bit of extra room, that en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom or that man cave instead of the garage that is just full of stored stuff that’s been there for years. All these are nice things to have and if they’re done correctly you will be able to sit back and enjoy them.  They can add value to your home and make general daily activities a lot easier.   

Whatever construction project you have in mind, we can help you design it and build it to the highest specifications.

We can help you see the finished product before you start with our computer design software, and we will guide you in the right direction for the choices of materials to use to get your desired outcome.
Your looking for high standards or work and a good source for high-end materials, we can help.

External lighting on an extension
Timber frame buildings constructed

Construction Services


Extensions – Conversions – Structural alterations – Patios – Driveways – Brickwork – Plastering – Installation of steels – Outhouses

Construction Services


Extensions – Conversions – Structural alterations – Patios – Driveways – Brickwork – Plastering – Installation of steels – Outhouses

McGinley’s is registered with The Federation of Master Builders, Trust a, and we are fully insured. With years of hands-on industry experience in a wide range of construction projects, we would be happy to assit you with your plans.  We only work with experienced or qualified suppliers.

We provide quotes and issue contracts, based on the customer’s requirements which makes it clear exactly when projects will be completed, and they include all estimated costs.

Because we’re a family run business, the person you talk to about your project needs is the same person who is directly responsible for the work happening as you have planned it.

We create the contract from the customer’s needs and specifications, we deliver projects on time and on budget.  In circumstances where the unexpected happens, we keep our customers fully informed, and they are in control of making the right decision for them.  The work stops until the customer signs an additional works contract, this ensures that you, the customer are in control of the whole project. Unexpected circumstances might include the following examples: no earthing on current wiring system, no earthing on water & gas, electrical fuse boards not up to current building safety regulations (RCD), gas piping not up to current safety standards.   In these types of circumstances, it would be unsafe to continue work as planned, extra procedures would need to be implemented to ensure the safety of all those using the home/building. It is illegal for contractors to carry out work which does not conform to current safety regulations, we take our responsibilities on these matters seriously.

When we survey and we discover things which may be revealed during the project, we inform customers and advise them of any contingency pricing to cover possible additional work.  We take pride in keeping our customers fully informed, we would love to guarantee a price set in stone, but with the nature and variability of houses and buildings, it’s not always possible to estimate every detail, as details sometimes only reveal themselves mid-project.  

Payment is made in stages-we never require full payment up front on any project.  You will pay a deposit to secure the time period of work, this means we block out our diary for your project.  

There are different payment options available, depending on the project.  Smaller projects would normally be a deposit and payment on completion.

Or regular payments spread over the duration of the job- this will be agreed on before McGinleys commence.

For example, if there was a larger project such as kitchen refurbishment (including plastering, electrics, plumbing etc) which might take 6 weeks, total cost was £20k, that would mean a deposit of £2,000, and payments of £2,571 per week, final payment of £2,571. The final payment only happens once all snagging items are clear and the customer is satisfied with the complete project.

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We’re here to provide a service to you to help alter, build or repair your home or business with the skills that have grown and been developed over years of trading.  We hope that this page has given you a better insight into the level of service you can expect to receive from us, we look forward to talking to you should you feel we are suited to your needs.  Below are the final few pictures that indicate some of the work we can cover.  We thank you for visiting our site and invite you to click on any of the images below if you wish to contact us. If you would like to see more about individual projects please visit our projects page. 

Home renovations
Structural alterations
Shop fitting
School maintenance
decking in a garden
Porch on a house built by local builder