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Boiler services

17th November 2019 – Written by Liam McGinley

It’s that time of year when the heating gets turned on, the hats and gloves get unboxed and we all start to feel the chill.  Are we all prepared as best as we can be? Have we had our boilers serviced? Are we going to get caught out and end up needing an emergency plumber?  In this article we invited Ivo a proffesional plumber to come and talk to us about boilers, why and who should carry out a service on a boiler, and we put him on the spot by asking him some questions from you our followers that came in via social media.

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Scary road Horror stories and trick or treat blog

Trick or treat

31st October 2019 (Halloween) – Written by Liam McGinley

It’s that time of year when we take our kids out in the darkness of the night, their all dresses up and we go trick or treating.  It’s often a time when the horror stories will be told and we’ll sit in the dark living room watching a scary film.  We all want to enjoy halloween and this artcile gives a few tips on how to enjoy the night and stay safe, but it also relates to us adults that are looking to have work done in our homes.  Happy Halloween, stay safe and enjoy your trick or treating. 

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Find a local builder should be like booking a holiday

Be a tourist in your own home

18th October 2019 – Written by Liam McGinley

Sometimes booking a trades person or construction company can be a bit overwhelming.  This is why looking for a contractor or individual to do the work should be the same as booking a perfect holiday.  Here we talk about how to have a great time rather than having a “holiday nightmare”.  So lets kick back with a glass of wine or a pina colada and we’ll tell you why it’s all very similar.   

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Home happiness, space and style

22nd September 2019 – Written by Liam McGinley

Ever found yourself rushing around the house getting ready for visitors or asking yourself “why is there never anywhere to put this stuff ?”  Here’s some information on ways to manage storage in your home. Plus, find out who we recommend to our clients when they ask about managing the clutter in their homes.  

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